City Council


The City Council is composed of Mayor and 5 Council Members. Council Members are elected by Ward and the Mayor is elected At Large for 4 year terms. The City of Barnesville is governed through the Council-Manager form of government.The elected City Council establishes the policies of the city, and an appointed City Manager is responsible for carrying out those policies.

The City Council meets the first Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Courtroom at 100 Mill Street.

                                                        Mayor                              Peter Banks
                                                        Mayor Pro Tem                  Bill Claxton

                                                        Councilmember, Ward 1     Bill Claxton
                                                        Councilmember, Ward 2     Christopher Hightower
                                                        Councilmember, Ward 3     Sammie Shropshire 
                                                        Councilmember, Ward 4     Joseph Sims
                                                        Councilmember, Ward 5     Cecil "Butch" McDaniel


                                                        City Manager                      Tim Turner
                                                        City Clerk                           Tammy T. Folson

Ward Map