Water Treatment Plant


The City of Barnesville Water Treatment Plant produces drinking water for all of Barnesville, Milner, and surrounding areas of Lamar county serving over 6,700 customers. This facility is comprised of two main treatment systems capable of treating a total of 6 million gallons of drinking water per day.

The larger capacity treatment system, constructed in 1990, is the Microfloc Trident system with two filters producing clean water at a rate of 4 MGD combined. This system utilized upflow clarification to remove approximately 70% of impurities from the natural water source. Sand filters then remove the remaining impurities for a total removal of up to 99%. The smaller capacity and older system is a 2 MGD conventional treatment system with 4 sand filters and 4 settling basins.

All drinking water produced by the facility is stored in 3 storage tanks atop Hog Mountain. These storage tanks provide 4 MG of drinking water to the entire system at any given time.

A major plant rehabilitation was completed in 2013. The project included rehabilitation of all four conventional filters, new filter consoles, new electric valves, resurfacing and coating of all pipes in the pipe gallery, a new 200 HP high service pump and check valve, and a new state of the art computer monitoring system (SCADA).

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