Conclusion 1945-1993

CONCLUSION 1945 – 1993

When the men came back from the War, the land beyond Gordon College was laid off and offered to the veterans for $10.00 per lot if they would agree to build a home on the lot. After completion of the home, they would be given a deed to the lot. This provided needed housing and created local construction jobs.

The downtown business district has had no new structures except Akins Feed and Seed. This was erected in 1950 to replace a burned out building on Market Street.

The downtown remains basically the same except for a few changes. The police booth was removed and the gazebo replaced it in the 1980s. The gazebo was later moved to the park at the Barnesville swimming pool.

There is only one residential dwelling remaining downtown today. This is located next to the courthouse and is owned and occupied by United Bank. All other homes have been demolished in order for commercial expansion with one exception. The residence formerly at 314 Thomaston Street was moved to 903 Thomaston Street. The lot was needed for commercial expansion so the dwelling was moved in order to preserve it. The house was built in 1904 by D. L. Anderson.

In 1959 the house known as Five Oaks, a boarding house on the west side of Thomaston Street, was demolished to make way for the new First National Bank building.

In 1968 the house on the east side of Thomaston Street, known as the Hightower/Peacock home was demolished to make way for the Southern Bell building.

In 1986 the old grammar school building for Gordon Institute that was built in 1912 was demolished to make way for the new Barnesville-Lamar County Library.

All of the historic residential district remains intact except 806 Greenwood Street which was destroyed by fire in January 1993. All homes are in good to excellent condition today.

Several homes on Stafford and Georgia Avenues are occupied by Gordon students. Shopping centers are located just outside the residential district. These shopping areas are supported by Gordon students. Many of the Gordon students come from the surrounding communities of Thomaston and Griffin. Its increased enrollment creates demands for housing, food services, and instructional services. The school's operation continues to have a positive economic impact on Barnesville.

Barnesville's population is currently about 6,500. The county's population is just over 13,000 according to the 1990 federal census. Barnesville has shown a slow steady growth over the years. Both the historic downtown business district and the historic residential district are fully occupied and well kept.