Wastewater Treatment Plant


The current City of Barnesville Wastewater Treatment Facility utilizes trickling filter technology to treat and break down pollutants found in municipal wastewater. This facility was last upgraded and constructed in 1983. It is capable of treating wastewater flows of 1.2 MGD.

A new 2.4 MGD activated sludge facility is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed by October 2014. This new facility will more efficiently treat the municipal wastewater from the City of Barnesville. The City of Barnesville has outgrown its current facility with its limited treatment capacity. The new WWTF will provide capacity for the next 20 years of growth and beyond.

Biological phosphorus removal and UV disinfection technologies are also included in the new WWTF. A cleaner and safer wastewater effluent will be discharged into the receiving waters.

The current and soon to be completed WWTF’s are operated and maintained by ESG Operations, Inc. The new facility is designed by Stevenson and Palmer Engineering, Inc. and constructed by H.C. Coleman.

                                                    Waste Water Treatment Plant Fact Sheet